The aim of The International Conference “Preventing victimization in Vulnerable Communities” is to overview peculiarities and trends in this specific research domain, to gain a common attitude towards latest challenges in crime victimization prevention, focusing on the protection of vulnerable or disadvantaged groups, including Roma communities. We wish to develop and extend scientific collaboration in European countries by bringing together academics and practitioners that have common research agendas, to disseminate research output and to stimulate the of new ideas development on this topic.

The Conference is hosted by The Institute of National Economy- Romanian Academy, as partner in the project.

We are inviting you to submit of both theoretical and empirical research papers on issues of interest in the field of Economics, Sociology, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Anthropology, Communication Studies, Education, Policing and Security Studies, related to the following topics:

  • Vulnerability and discrimination: conceptual framework and interdependencies; economic, social and cultural impact; managing externalities for social inclusion;
  • Resilience of vulnerable groups and (multi)ethnic minority communities;
  • Crime victimisation and hate crime (legislative and institutional framework, policies, etc.)
  • Statistical and qualitative analyses of victimisation – best practices; methodological issues in survey
    design, measuring and researching hate crimes.
  • New technologies and policy instruments&measures for prevention of victimization;
  • Preventing victimization and active social inclusion.